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Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Christmas Story Part II

Lets see....where to begin...i guess i should start by saying that we have had no luck at all finding the perfect equine partner for Riley. Her last pony came all the way from Kansas City and was promised to be child safe. Wellllllll that pony bucked her off three times!!! Oops. Not so good. It was a good year before she was willing to crawl back in the saddle. Then came the fancy show horse from Virginia who treated her well but was too big. I think every time she got him all she thought about was how far down the ground was...thousands more dollars down the drain...And then it occured to me. DUH. A MINIATURE HORSE!!! We looked at lots so she could see all the things you could do with them. She loved the idea of something so small and something she didnt have to RIDE!!!

Okay so we i got it figured out now we have to find the perfect one!!! Like every other little girl i have ever known she wanted a PAINT...and of course we needed a child friendly model and one that was registered so she could show in 4H. I was about to give up. We had looked and looked to no avail. I told Riley there wasnt going to be one before Christmas~hopefully we would find one in the Spring. Drat. And then i found her. This is Rim Rock Sweet Dreams....

It just doesnt get any cuter or more precious than this little bundle of fur!!! She is a paint. She is beyond child friendly. She is only 33 inches tall. She is IT!!!

Jason snuck Riley off shopping on Christmas Eve so i could go and get her and sneak her into the barn. I had it all planned you see....Little did Jason know but i had bought him a new big sliding mitre saw for Christmas. Because i am devious by nature i came up with the idea of a treasure hunt. I wrapped up a small jewelry box and put in under the tree with the first clue...You should have seen the perplexed look on Big Daddys face. He is thinking this is my warped way of getting Riley to the barn. Each clue was hidden in a tiny stocking and goodness i had them running everywhere!

Finally they both ended up in the barn. Riley is standing there looking at the saw and didnt even see that little mini standing right behind the gate two feet away from her! Then the little Chistmas surprise moved and caught her eye. She screamed in delight!!! It was a sweet, sweet, moment...

Here they are together...

What a dynamic duo!!! The excitement wont be ending here...Riley tells me she MUST have a Nigerian Dwarf Goat this Spring. Now how the heck am i gonna pull that one off?????? Anyone ever see an Easter bunny traveling with a goatish sidekick???


Briar Rabbit Primitives said...

Awwww Jen! What a CUTE Pair those two make! Riley's huge smile says it all! Now...where is the pic of Big Daddy & his new toy? LOL! I will be waiting to see how you get that goat into an Easter basket. LOL! This story is definitely "To Be Continued".... ;) Hugs, Starla

Janelle said...

Jen, I'm FAR from being a little girl anymore, but I STILL would love to have a know, the whole "little Joe Cartwright" thing ;)
I'm sure Riley will win all kinds of ribbons in 4H with Gypsy!
And the Clampetts wouldn't be the Clampetts w/o a goat, now would they?


blackfeatherfarm said...

What a wonderful post. I remember being a little girl and ALWAYS wanting a pony for Christmas. It never happened, but I am so glad that Riley's dream came true- and what a little dream he is ! Will stay tuned for the goat that came with Easter.

bayrayschild said...

Awwww, now this is like an episode with a happy ending,
I love a happy ending!
I would have loved to have also seen the look on Big Daddy's face when he got his surprise.
Oh well, I'll be waiting for Spring to come so I can see that li'l goat you'll be hunting for.
Glad you all had a Merry Christmas!


Dogpatch Primitives said...

oh, I just love that sweet little Riley. I wish all the animals could live at your place!
Your new baby is beautiful, and so very very fortunate!

jane augenstein said...

Jen, what a beauty little Gypsy is, she is the cutest little mini I have seen. Love her fuzzy mane too, she is so hug and kissable!!! Tell Riley to give her a big kiss for me!
Boy, Gilly would love her!!