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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Meet Mulberry and Mayflower!!!!

My ten year old daughter Riley is doing 4h this year...we are already enrolled in the miniature horse project but oh how she has been pining for goats....I thought it would go away. I HOPED it would go away. I ignored the endless pleas...not that goats arent cute or anything but welllllll they are just....PESKY!!!! The last time we had a goat it head butted our front door and danced on the hood of our you can understand my trepidation here. Alas, there was no end to begging and pleading. She even saved up fifty dollars of her egg selling money and chore money to help with the purchase. Whats a mother to do i ask????

Well heres what i did! I bought her some baby Nigerian Dwarf goats!!! Nigies are suppose to be very docile little creatures, easily trained, and wonderful pets. They are colorful and cute and hard for any animal lover to say no to. Lets hope they dont follow in the footsteps of the pygmy goat Clementine and they leave my front door and hood alone!!!

I was planning to make them a surprise but Riley was checking all the goat breeders websites she has put in the favorites list looking for new kids to bug me about and saw their pictures. She went nuts...begging and pleading and carrying on. I had an internal struggle for about 15 seconds and then spilled the beans. i think i made her the happiest kid in Colorado!!!
So meet the new additions~Mayflower and Mulberry!