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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our September Offering for the TDIPT Mercantile!

YOu can click on the TDIPT link on the left side of my blog to see more details and other works by our talented artists!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Creating again!!!

Its been great to take some time off from creating but with Fall right around the corner we are gearing up to go back into full swing again!! We have a new load of reclaimed wood and all kinds of ideas for new designs!
I have a few items to list on ebay this can find the link to our listing on the left side of my blog page!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet Hotrod!!!

He is here at last!!!
This is "Hotrod"! He was a birthday present from my husband!
He is quite possibly the cutest thing i have ever laid eyes on!!!
Hotrod was purchased from Redrock Miniatures in Oklahoma City and Riley and i traveled to Wichita this past weekend to the AMHA Central Finals Show to pick him up!
This picture was taken while he was all dolled up at the show. He got third out of six stallions and was by far the youngest one. We were super proud!

Yesterday was his first day out with the herd. Our little mare felt she needed to put him in his place right away :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

2010 El Paso County Fair

This years County Fair was a busy but great week!
We started out with the Miniature Horse Show!!! Riley won Reserve Champion!

We had a few short days to recover and then on Wednesday was the dairy goat show!!! We started the day with a bang...Riley and her little goat Mabel won showmanship! Way to go Riley!!! She has another buckle to add to her collection :)!

She won the first year milkers class with Maggie...

Then she won Junior Grand Champion and Overall Reserve Champion with Stella!!!

My girl was on cloud nine :)))))

So it wasnt over yet..because she won Showmanship she had to compete in Large Animal Round Robin. All the kids who got first or second place in the various livestock showmanship competitions compete against each other! Each child competing has about a day to go around and find the other winners and learn how to show their animal and various information the judge might ask you about that animal. The competition began Friday morning. She started off showing her goat.

And then after a few minutes the whistle blew and she was on to the standard sized horse....

From there she showed a dairy cow...

And then she moved on to the 1200 pound Angus steer! Now i admit my heart was pounding with this one!!! I had my fingers crossed he would not crush my one and only child...

Nobody was more relieved than me when the whistle blew and she got to move on the sheep!!!

Her next critter was a pig. I am a bad mother. I was laughing so hard i didnt take any pictures. Her pig was totally uncooperative and refused to move! All he wanted to do was eat her boots!!! Riley was glad to get out of the pen and leave Wilbur in the dust!!!!

So then it was on to a fiber goat. The one she showed was a Cashmere. After Wilbur this was a breeze :)

And lastly was a Boer Goat, which is a market goat. I still cant fathom wanting to eat goat meat. Ick. This guy had some serious itches!

And then she was DONE! Phew!!! She ended up 6th out of 16 kids!!!
What a week!!! Now she is kickin back and relaxin with friends til State Fair!!!