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Monday, August 31, 2009

September TDIPT Mercantile Offering!!!

So this is one of our new designs for Fall!! Hubs made it all out of old reclaimed wood...I am just thrilled with the way it turned out! If you are a lover of primitives and/or folk are please be sure to be check out the other artists offerings as well. There are some wonderful goodies to be found there!! The link to the TDIPT Mercantile is on the right of my blog!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I found an ad for....

Mille Fleur Banty hens and i came home with.....drum roll please.....

This is Stewart aka Stewie, or as i like to call him Stew Laroo.
Had i intended to get another kitten??? Not exactly. Ever since Rileys little cat disappeared a few months ago she has been pestering me for another. It is easy to say no to ads on Craigs List though. "No more kitties." I would say..."We have two already and soooooo many other animals..." YOu can imagine my spiel, i mean it is a legitimate argument afterall!!! That is until the barn door opened and there was Stew and is his littermates. He is a Ragoll/Siamese cross and quite possibly one of the cutest kitties i have ever seen. And that was the end of my legitimate argument. Suckerrrrrrrrrrr.
Stew really enjoys helping Riley with her schoolwork.

He seems to be good at making friends too...

Aside from being so very useful, he is just darn cute, did i mention that already?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Better Late Than Never!!!

I took pictures of Riley and her goaties at County Fair, i swear i did! But none of my pictures turned out in the indoor arena!!! Luckily another Mom with a better camera than mine snapped some pics!!!

This is Riley getting ready for showmanship. Another 4her was kind enough to show her the ropes. You have to scrub your goats tootsies with a toothbrush and then put BABY SOCKS on them so they dont get dirty on their way to the show ring!! And apparently your goats clip job must be perfect or else the judge will tell you so...that kind of stung a lil...i always fancied myself an above average clipper person. Apparently not!!!!

Goat showmanship is tricky, you must always be on the opposite side of the judge even while leading your goat. You are asked to do all these maneuvers and answer all kinds of questions. If i had been Riley i would have needed a valium or two....

Riley got 4th...i was elated both with the idea that she got fourth and that it was over! Phew-intense!!!!
Next we had the breed classes. Riley got second in both of those.

So what does a goat girl do in her spare time once the Fair is over??????