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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Awesome Swap Gift!!!

TDIPT has had yet another wonderful swap!!! My swap partner was Tink from The Blackberry Briar! Lucky, lucky me!!! Tink is an incredible artist and i feel so fortunate to have recieved some of her wonderful goodies!!!
First i must share with you this fantastic lil black and white goatie she made me! I just loooooove this fella!!!

I would have been more than thrilled just to have gotten the goatie but guess what???? That wasnt all that was in that box!!!! Tink made Riley a little horse that looks just like Pippy, her real life miniature horse! OMG-now i am having to lay down with a wet rag!!!!

That would have been enough to make my summer but guess what? Yep, there were even more treasures!!! Tink makes the BESTEST room sprays and candles your sniffer ever sniffed!!!! Finally my house smells like something other than eau de dog!!!! She also included some goats milk soap :)
Thank you Tink for being such a super duper partner!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Its COUNTY FAIR week!!!

Today was the biggie...what we have been waiting for since starting the 4h program this winter-County Fair. It was time for Riley and Pippy to shine and shine they did!!! Aside from winning two seconds and a third my dynamic duo won SHOWMANSHIP!!!! Showmanship is based soley on your ability to show your horse to the have to complete a pattern of maneuvers all the while presenting your animal at its best...this is a class she had not yet won-til today!!! In the fall at the awards ceremony she will be presented with a big belt buckle for her win!!! I could not be more proud..

Pippy met a new friend at the Fair today...Here she is meeting a 2000 lb PERCHERON named Charlie! The lady assured me it would be safe for Pippy to stand near him. I told her Charlie might be a nice fella but 35 inch tall Pippy would kick the snot outta him!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Two Cutie Pies!!!

We had another horse show this past Sunday...i didnt take nearly as many pictures as i should have cause it was just so darn hot but i did manage a few!!! Despite the sweat rolling down her face Riley did really well...she got two first place ribbons, a second and a third!
Ya'll have no idea how much i love this little horse...yes okay maybe its an addiction. SOmetimes i wish i had magical powers and i could be eleven again and show her myself!!!

Next weekend is the County Fair! Go Riley and Pippy!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

They say its your birthday.....

Yesterday my girl turned eleven. Where has the time gone????? She is growing up entirely too fast! I told her i would keep buying her goats if she promised to stay with me forever! Right now she thinks that sounds like a sweet deal ;)
If i am anything i am true to my guess what she got for her birthday????? You got it-two more baby goats!!!!!!