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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ummmm....Mother Nature?????

Hey whats the BIG IDEA??????
March is suppose to go out like a kitten not a lion!!!!
We were blessed with a good 12+ inches of winddriven snow Thursday into Friday. Yesterday i had to take a few moments to take some pictures...
We had a HUGE drift behind the barn....My horse Glory thought it was perfect for a good game of Hide N Seek!

Big Daddy had other ideas for that snow drift...LOOK OUT BELOW!!!!

As you can see, the girls were chest deep in snow!

The little goaties decided to come out to enjoy a little warm sunshine "the day after" too!

Pippy spent her time much more constructively....she was on a COOKIE HUNT!!! No way could these people come in her pasture without a little sumpin for the little horse!

And lastly I snapped this picture of Clancy who seems to be sniffing the air hunting for a sign of Spring. Me too, Clancy. Me too.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Some of our work from over the years....

I am feeling rather unmotivated to create so i have been looking through some past pictures of some of our work looking for inspirations...i had forgotten about some of these designs and thought i would share just a few...

Saturday, March 21, 2009


My daughter Riley is crazy about goats. Nigerian Dwarf goats to be exact. I think maybe they are the most expensive breed out there. Go figure. Just my luck. We started with just two....and then i dont know what happened. Holy Cow-or should i say Holy GOAT we just kept collecting MORE! Now we have FIVE baby goats coming our way in the next few weeks...
My girl Riley has saved up 75.00 so far to put towards her goatie babies. And upon the agreement of purchasing the most recent has agreed to save another 75.00 of her extra chores and egg selling proceeds. I think thats alot of moolah for a ten year old kid to be willing to work for so we gave in to this one last little goat. But i swear thats it. I have spent close to 1000 bucks on these five critters. But they are so darn cute. Between you and me i think they are worth every darn penny!!!
Let me introduce you to the herd...
Little Miss Mayflower

I like this less attractive picture of her. My husband says she bears a strong resemblance to me when he tracks in dirt and yuck from outside after i have just vaccummed...

Next is Mr. Mulberry....

Now we have Magnolia...

This is the one we just decided to purchase. I think we will call her Mabelline. Doesnt it look like she has gotten carried away with the eye liner? So much for parental supervision. Sheesh. Both she and Magnolia (pictured above) have come from Prairie Wood Ranch in New Mexico.

And lastly we have little Elston whose name does not fit with the others but it certainly suits him. He is mine. He has ears like the flying nun. He is a friendly little oddball. He is a wether which is a neutered male. They really have no marketable value but i loved him at first sight. He is going to be my pal...

And now you have all the proof as to why i have lost my mind and have no more money! But they are darn sure cute. Arent they?

Friday, March 20, 2009

I am a self proclaimed MINIATURE HORSE addict

I think I need to see if their is a Miniature Horse Anonymous group I can join. I have an addiction. I admit. But look...certainly you can understand why....
Just stare into these eyes and tell me you dont feel it. You cant. You know you cant.

I couldnt stop taking pictures of that adorable little Pippy. She is such a little sassy pants too. We have labeled her our official "Barn Brat"!

Just look how small she is...but ssssshhhhhh...dont tell her...she thinks she is big!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Two of the Baddest Cats I Know...

Lewis Johnny Bob. Clarence Melvin Hoehandle.
LJB was a starving kitten, as skinny as a pancake, that we found abandoned with his littermates Patrick and Lucy "you got some splainen to do" Rankin who reside next door. He is a punk.
Clarence Melvin-the tomcat that got left behind by the folks who live behind us.
Ever heard that phrase "Birds of a feather..." Well apparently its true for felines too.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Although it doesnt feel much like Spring here in Colorado it is nonetheless time for the annual Spring TDIPT swap. I was so fortunate to get Mandy of Fiddlestix Studios as my swap partner! Mandy is an AMAZING artist and opening her box was the most exciting thing that has happened to this ole prairie gal in quite awhile!!!
Look at my wonderful treasures!!!!
There was a wonderful smelling bar of soap and candle so my house and i can smell like something other than Eau de Critter!!! Oh and some yummola chocolate truffles,chocolate/raspberry muffin mix, Easter handtowels....and Mandy was so sweet she even included some goodies for Riley!!! Mandy is a GEM!!!
BUT the most wonderful thing was the wool needlefelted rabbit Mandy made. He is just gorgeous and perfect down to the last stitch! I am in awe of "Mr Bunny" !!! I have threatened Lewis Johnny Bob (our bad kitten) right down to his last toe nail if he touches him, baaaaaaad things will happen!!! Thank you so much, Mandy!!!! I LOVE IT ALL!!!!