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Friday, February 6, 2009

Cowgirls Dont Cry...

I have a new favorite reminds me of why horses are important and it reminds me of my childhood as a five year old wanna be cowgirl racing my pony bareback across the Oklahoma prairie pretending i was a rodeo superstar...You could probably guess that by all the fringe on my fake suede cowgirl jacket!!!Horses have and always will be one of
one of my greatist loves. They have taught me so many life lessons. I have tried to share them with my own daughter Riley. She is her own little cowgirl too. She just had a better outfit and fancier horse than I did!!!!
I might be just a tad prejuidice
but i think she is the cutest darn
cowgirl in the history of cowgirls...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Prairie Folks go on a FIELD TRIP!!!

Jump in the truck, we're gonna go for a ride. Where are you we going, you ask...Kinda up in the mountains. See?

We're going about 80 miles west to Canon City. Yes, home of the Super Max prison. No, no, NOOOOO i did not violate my probation ;>) and we wont wave at the Unibomber when we go by either....we'll just fly by there..

Oh look we're here at the ranch....

Its not just any kind of ranch my friends, its a GOAT RANCH!!! We have come to visit Mayflower and Mulberry!!! Riley thinks this might be one of the best days of her life!!!!

Just look at those little mischevious can anyone resist those little faces????

I am not sure my picture show just how small they are. These little goaties are the size of a small chihuahua. They weigh maybe a pound and are built like tiny deer!

There were goaties everywhere and as usual most were attracted to me. Not that i mind or anything...i have always had a special knack for attracting old goats...JUST KIDDING!!!

All of these goaties are Nigerian Dwarfs which are a miniature dairy breed from Africa.

I had fun milling around the goaties taking were some my new friends....

Here a goat, there a goat, everywhere a goat, goat....

Have ever seen so many adorable faces!!! They are everywhere! I havent fallen in love this many times since i first saw Brad Pritt in Legends of the Fall...

If you are still searching for that perfect Valentines Day present i suggest A GOAT!!!

Next up....we are visiting a miniature horse farm! Stay tuned for more adventures and love stories!!!