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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pssst-A Must See Video for all you Horse Lovers!

Look at this AMAZING video of this man riding his horse through a trail/obstacle course bridleless...What an awesome leader he is for this horse and what a terrific horse!!!
I am an avid student of natural horsemanship and know what it takes to get to this level and hats off to this guy...just goes to show you do not have to force horses into submission. With the right love, language, and leadership they are the most amazingly willing partners.

Here is my little Gracie...i took this picture a few months ago right after she turned one. She was pretty much untouched when i got her. The first time I tried to groom her she tried to kick and bite and bite me everytime I touched her...I am proud to say that little Miss Gracie now will stand tied for hours, stands good for the farrier, can be blanketed, loads in the trailer like a dream, and as of last week will jump small barrels, cross a tarp, and let me drape the tarp over her body. One day i hope Gracie can do what the horse in the video does....


Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

WOW!! That was amazing.... obviously a very close relationship with horse and rider. he was so gentle. That was great and thanks for sharing!

Paint Girl said...

Gracie is so pretty!! That is so great what you have done with her!