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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ummmm....Mother Nature?????

Hey whats the BIG IDEA??????
March is suppose to go out like a kitten not a lion!!!!
We were blessed with a good 12+ inches of winddriven snow Thursday into Friday. Yesterday i had to take a few moments to take some pictures...
We had a HUGE drift behind the barn....My horse Glory thought it was perfect for a good game of Hide N Seek!

Big Daddy had other ideas for that snow drift...LOOK OUT BELOW!!!!

As you can see, the girls were chest deep in snow!

The little goaties decided to come out to enjoy a little warm sunshine "the day after" too!

Pippy spent her time much more constructively....she was on a COOKIE HUNT!!! No way could these people come in her pasture without a little sumpin for the little horse!

And lastly I snapped this picture of Clancy who seems to be sniffing the air hunting for a sign of Spring. Me too, Clancy. Me too.


Wings and Paws Whimsies said...

Wow!!! Look at all that! Yes, where is spring... CRAZY! Love to see all your buddies though!

Hey hop on over, I am having a giveaway. Hugs, MO

Pony Girl said...

Something about a sunny snowy is perfect lighting for some great pictures. Yours are lovely! Your mare Glory is GORGEOUS!
Fun blog, I'll be back to visit.
p.s. hang in there, spring has got to be around the corner! ;)