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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Well they say...

There aint no swap like a TDIPT swap!!! This was my first swap in this wonderful group of talented ladies! It was a secret swap-i knew who i had to make for but not whose swap box i would be receiving!

I made my gift for Patty of Dogpatch Primitives. Yikes, my first swap and i get the head honchos name! Okay, i'll be truthful, i was pretty nervous! After much pondering, I ended up settling on a little frame and panel farmhouse cupboard made out of old wood in Aged Red!

I was pretty much on pins and needles the day i tracked it on UPS and saw it was DELIVERED!!! Patty is so very kind and gracious and said the kinda things that make a person all warm and fuzzy inside. And she liked it!!! PHEW!!!!

So the giving part was a barrel of fun but receiving...Well no one in their right mind can say they dont want to get a secret goodie box in the mail!!! My box arrived on Saturday. I thought the post office dude had already delivered the i quit watching out the window and got down to business. The business of vacuuming up dog hair~ which is a daily ritual in our household! All of the sudden the front door opened and there was Riley holding a big box. I nearly took myself out on the dang vacuum cord on my launch to the front door. I think somewhere in the background i might have even heard the Chariots of Fire theme song...

My gift came from Diane of Tallowberry Primitives. It was the nicest, bestest thing anyone has ever made for me! Oh the goodies just kept coming!!! I got some great pineapple hand soap. Considering i live on a farm and my hands are always dirty and smelly this was a perfect gift! Next came a great bundle of early candles and a rusty pumpkin cutout. They go perfecto in my early decor!!! Then came a sweet lil bunch of tallowberries which i love. Oh then you wont believe it...i mean you wont...she made this big loaf of homemade walnut fudge!!! I am only slightly embarrassed to admit that i opened the cellophane right up and had a little taste. Pure heaven...its all gone now. I didnt have to tell you that...i risk ya'll thinking i cant control myself...but see? I am an honest person and i told you the whole truth and nothing but...

Lastly i opened up the MOST wonderful handmade pumpkin doll i have ever seen. She smelled just incredible too...oh i was in autumn bliss! I am so very thankful that Diane took the time to make her for me. Diane is my new bestest friend!

Here are my goodies!


Tallowberry said...

Thank you Jen for the compliments. I thoroughly enjoyed putting all the goodies together for you and I'm so glad you are enjoying them! Sounds like the fudge was a big hit! It's scrumptious, isn't it? I admit I had to taste it, afterall, it had to be perfect for my swap partner!


Dogpatch Primitives said...

Oh Jenn, you know I love my cupboard, you could not have picked anything any better or more suitable for me! I never dreamed I would be lucky enough to have you get my name!!! I'm still going gaga over it, perfect cupboard, perfect color!
Thank you Thank you!!!

I love your goodies from Diane, she sure spoiled ya good, and you sure deserve it! Mmmm, homemade fudge, and it's not even Christmas, I guess you are special!

~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

LUCKY!!!!!!!!! ;)
I love all the swap gifts...on both sides of the swap. ~~Pam

Brenda said...

The cupboard you made was gorgeous, I saw it on another can be my swap partner any day! =)
Oh, I'm lovin' those goodies you received too!

Bittersweet Pastimes said...

I love what you got from Diane in the swap, Jen. Just so many wonderful things. The fudge sounds devine. BUT, I want to do a personal swap with YOU! That cupboard is fantastic. So if you get bored and don't know what to do with one of your prim cupboards, give me a shout. :) - Deb

Jennifer B. said...

Oh Deb i will swap with you ANYTIME!!! I cant sew a stitch so i am always so excited to get a dollie or anything like that!!!

~Tonya said...

WOW!! I was impressed with your generous heart Jen! You do wonderful work.

I love what you gave Patty and I also love what you received from Diane.

Getting goodies for ourselves in the mail is always so much fun.

I am with the other two gals. If you ever want to do a personal swap with me...I am game! Just let me know.

Not that you don't have enough to do already. But those winter days get long in Colorado and Minnesota. :)


Jennifer B. said...

Hey Tonya-any time youre ready for swappin i am IN!!!