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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Look what we found!!!

This weekend my husband and daughter were on a bike ride around the countryside where we live. They stopped to take a breather and heard a distant but persistant cry...scanning the field they saw a small grey kitten running towards them! Luckily hubby had the cell phone and called me...kinda hard to ride a bike and hold a squirmy hungry kitty!!! I brought home this adorable little treasure and fed her. She ravenously wolfed down an entire can of cat food! Riley of course wanted to keep her but alas i had to practise what i have been telling her for so loooooong~we cannot keep them ALL!!! We already have five dogs, 3 kitties, 2 horses and a flock of chickens! Lucky for us our wonderful neighbor is cat lover and a SUCKER!!!! So we took our new found bundle of joy across the road where she was met by hugs and kisses!!! "Lucy" will have a wonderful home!!!

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~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Yeah for saving another furbaby!! And she is so dang adorable Jen ! I know it was hard for you not to keep her but thank goodness you had a neighbor with open arms. My neace and nephew found a kitten out bike riding the same way several years ago. The kitten had been dumped in the roadside ditch.People can be so cruel but thank goodness for you ! Hugs~~Pam